Turnaround Operations

Identify your real issues, then get the fast, tangible results needed.  manufacturing consultant business turnaround specialists

Strategy & Operations

Your toughest, most complex problems will be resolved with an executable strategy.

manufacturing consultant business turnaround specialists

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Process Mapping and Improvement

We’ll help you identify opportunities and develop the improvement path for the results you want. manufacturing consultant business turnaround specialists


We believe today’s business organizations are constantly being challenged with the ever growing complexity of an unstable global economy, which in turn has ignited an even more challenging competitive marketplace for goods and services. This current climate has left many organizations abandoning the strength of comprehensive strategic planning and primarily focusing on streamlining its organizations to improve its viability and profitability as a business.  Business Turnaround specialists

Business Executives and Manufacturing ManagersZoom works with you to identify and resolve your unique issues.  Replace excuses for under performance with strategy, meaningful metrics, and an executable plan.  Leading from a position of strength, focus and results, ZOOM Executive Business Consultants demonstrates a talent for transitioning organizational cultures into highly productive operations by driving continuous improvement.  Zoom will get the results you want and need today.


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Specializing in manufacturing and turnaround operations

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Employee Engagement

With organizational insight, get your largest asset aligned and exceeding expectations.  manufacturing consultant business turnaround specialists


Business analysts will tell you those traditional cost-cutting measures, such as manpower reductions, waste improvements and higher productivity will result in an improved bottom line. We here at ZOOM believe it is not that simple. There is so much more to focus on besides the businesses analytical tools when trying to achieve the goals of your organization.

manufacturing consultant Business Turnaround Specialists


Designing an organization that has leadership, a culture of accountability and a strong desire to achieve results at every level of the organization along with the company’s core business strategy will serve as a blueprint for success in any economic climate.  Zoom EBC has demonstrated quick results with long term success.

manufacturing consultant Business Turnaround Specialists

Change Management

We’ll teach you how to develop a successful change management strategy and implementation plan. manufacturing consultant business turnaround specialists

In addition to an extensive academic background, which includes:

  • Pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration
  • Master’s in Organizational Management
  • Master's in Human Resources Leadership
  • Undergraduate work from Pennsylvania State University

Mr. Fairman has achieved recognition as a Turnaround Manufacturing Manager, and an ISO 9000 Certified Auditor in several prominent companies. Furthermore, Mr. Fairman expanded his skill set by successfully acquiring Six Sigma Black Belt certification, Business Analyst training and certificate from the prestigious IPA management consulting firm.